Thursday, March 6, 2008
Patti Phadke--Motherhood as a Calling

For Pattie Phadke, motherhood was a calling that didn’t come easily at first. When her oldest child was born, Patti was thrilled to be a mom. Then she soon discovered that all of her time was devoted to the usual tasks of tending to babies, especially endless diaper changes.

“Changing diapers was a boring chore that was repeated over and over!” said Patti.

Patti knew that an attitude change was going to have to happen, especially if she wanted to have more kids.

“I realized that I was very thankful about having a healthy baby,” said Patti. “So I changed my attitude and I looked at the diaper chore as a time to bond with my baby.” Patti used that time to sign to her baby and give her plenty of attention. Diaper changing became an enjoyable time instead of a dreaded chore.

“I feel that motherhood is my calling,” said Patti. “From that moment until today, I enjoy having my kids so much!

Patti’s oldest daughter is now in college and plans to become a doctor. Patti has three other children and she works part time as an ASL instructor at Columbia College in Chicago.

Patti's favorite quote: "If you give what you do not need, it is not giving." This quote is from Mother Teresa.

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